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Celebrate Mother's Day with KiVi Bliss


As Mother’s Day approaches, I wanted to share some of the origins of this special day. Mother’s Day is rooted in a spirit of activism and social change and signifies a movement to uplift and improve life.

Two remarkable women, Mother Jaris and Poet Julia Ward Howe, formed a coalition of women during the Civil War in order to give humanitarian aid to those in need. Organizing women brigades, aiding in nourishing and healing those in need regardless of race, religion, or political beliefs. Tirelessly, they forged forward, spreading the spirit of true Motherhood. This movement laid the foundation for what we now know and celebrated as Mother’s Day.

As we honor and express gratitude for the mothers in our lives, let us also pay homage to the profound legacy of activism and compassion that gave birth to this significant holiday.

Mother’s Day serves as a reminder not only for mothers, but also for all the women who have mothered friends, families, and this earth.

KiVi Organics is offering a selection of beautiful gift baskets to give to your special person on this Special Day.

Oh and yes, you can give a gift to yourself as it is just as important to take care of you as you do others.