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Baths offer a peaceful escape for the body through rest and relaxation, but more than that, baths can also offer great therapeutic value. The skin is a permeable organ, which means that not only does it rid the body of toxins but it also can absorb substances, both good and bad. This is why it is important to use natural non-chemical ingredients.

Under this premise, KiVi Organics has created beautiful aromatic and therapeutic bath salts. They nourish the skin and body while providing essential minerals and nutrients necessary for healing and maintaining good health while being able to remedy ailments.

KiVi’s salt is a coarse grain sea salt which has been naturally dried and cleaned under the warm sunlight of Southern Europe. This natural sea salt is able to retain all of its original minerals and trace elements which means skin nutrition. Natural salt can minimize and heal rashes, miner cuts, and damaged skin faster. It possesses natural electrolytes which helps the body in the circulation of blood.

KiVi’s bath salts also contain essential oils (potent plant liquids) that can remedy specific ailments. Due to the tiny molecular level of essential oils, the benefits are immediate as they are absorbed on contact.

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