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The Truth About Our Skin

Where do we begin to understand the complexities of our skin? From the aisle to commercials, marketers tend to group our skin types into categories such as oily, dry, sensitive, and aging; but skin is a complex, living organ. We all have a variety of different skin types that go beyond the traditional silos we see in stores. Our skin also plays an essential role in our health and wellbeing.

Skin not only offers our inner organs protection against the environment, but in cooperation with our lungs, liver, kidneys, lymphatic systems and large intestines, it acts as an organ of elimination. By ridding the body of toxic substances through sweating, skin reveals our inner health.

Understanding Our Skin

Understanding complexion is a good starting place, but what’s more important is learning to understand how our skin communicates the inner workings of our body.

Skin changes from season-to-season. It reacts to changes in weather as well as periods of stress in our lives. We see this through breakouts, rashes, and changes in tone. Skin has the power to reveal body exhaustion, such as a lack of vitality from dryness, or intrinsic wrinkles and sallowness from lack of sleep. Our skin can even reveal health issues when we pay close attention. For example, a yellow color could be an indication of jaundice.

Excellent skin care is not about vanity, but rather being proactive in our body’s overall good health. We all have our own unique skin blueprint, based mainly on genetics, but also influenced heavily by our daily habits and skin hygiene.

The KiVi Organics Philosophy

KiVi Organics philosophy is: What we put on our skin is as important as what we put in it. Healthy, pure, plant based ingredients aid our skin topically by entering the body through millions of pores, benefiting all your organs.

Skin is not just a type. Skin is an amazing organ that often requires more moisture than less. Sometimes skin requires a good deep pore cleanse, and other times a good dose of healthy skin oils. Rather than categorize skin, we should think in terms of “What does my skin need right now? More hydration? More moisture? Less moisture?” KiVi believes in the unique approach that is best for each of our unique customers.

Our Products

Every product available at KiVi Organics describes the benefits to skin as well as the chemical constituents within the ingredients. Because all of our products are plant based, with the exception of honey, they will never leave long term issues often seen with synthetic products. KiVi’s line of skincare offer the benefits the body needs in a 100% natural and organic way. The way we believe skincare is meant to be.

Live well with KiVi Organics.
K. Santa, Founder