The Truth About Your Skin

Where do we begin to understand our skin? I think our skin tends to get classified by marketers who glop us together in categories such as oily, dry, sensitive aging etc., but your skin is a complex, living organ.

Your skin not only offers your inner organs protection against the environment, but in cooperation with your lungs, liver, kidneys, lymphatic systems and large intestines, it acts as an organ of elimination. By ridding your body of toxic substances through sweating, the skin reveals our inner health by this behavior it displays to us.

Understanding Your Skin

Understanding your complexion is a good starting place, but what’s more important is learning to understand how your skin communicates the inner workings of your body to you.

Skin changes from season to season. It changes during stressful times, times in your life with breakouts, rashes, etc. It can reveal body exhaustion, displaying a lack of vitality through dryness, or intrinsic wrinkles, or sallowness from lack of sleep. Your skin can reveal health issues within the body if you are paying attention to your complexion. For instance, a yellow color could be an indication of jaundice.

Excellent skin care is not simply about vanity, it’s a very large part of being proactive in your body’s overall good health. Each one of us has our own unique skin blueprint, given to us in large part through the genetics of our families.

That being said I also believe that how we live, which includes what we do and who we surround ourselves with, affects our body as well as our skin. This sentiment has been supported by numerous physicians, and proven in scientific studies.

KiVi Organics Philosophy

KiVi Organics philosophy is: What you put on your skin is as important as what you put in it. Healthy, pure, plant based ingredients aid your skin topically by entering the body through millions of pores, benefiting all your organs.

Your skin is not a type, your skin is an amazing organ that requires at times more moisture than less. Sometimes your skin will require a good deep pore cleanse, and other times a good dose of healthy skin oils. Rather than categorize your skin, think in terms of “What does my skin need right now? More hydration? More moisture? Less moisture?”

Our Products

Every product available at KiVi Organics will describe the benefits to your skin, also explaining the chemical constituents within the ingredients. Because all of our products are plant based, with the exception of honey, they will leave no long term issues to your body or your skin. Your body will receive the benefits it needs and discard what it does not need. This is in contrast to most skin care products that contain preservatives and synthetics, which apply unnecessary stress by remain in your body’s lymph node system for the rest of your life,.

If your skin has a specific tendency then that is a good place to begin when selecting a product. Each product will be identified with a skin type category for easier decision making.

Live well with KiVi Organics.
K. Santa, Founder