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About KiVi Organics

Quando c’è la salute c’è tutto.” “When you have your health, you have everything.”

While living in Italy in 2006, Kirsten Santa faced one of her life’s scariest moments. Her young son became noticeably ill and was in desperate need of healthcare. Unexpectedly, Italian doctors recommended a natural approach to healing. Through a variety of herbs and tinctures, Kirsten’s son was cured in a matter of days. Inspired by what appeared to be a miracle, Kirsten set out to learn more. 

Curiosity quickly turned to passion and expertise. She started studying natural medicine and began making bath salts for children. After moving back to the Bay Area, Kirsten set out to apply her new-found knowledge to mature and aging skin, skin with environmental damage, and the general health of the skin. She sought to create a truly unique line of skincare that regenerates skin cells, aids circulation, and minimizes wrinkles through only natural ingredients and small-batch recipes. KiVi Organics was born.

Most people understand the importance of mindful eating, regular exercise, and healthy sleep habits, but less emphasis is placed on caring for the body’s largest organ: skin. The average human body has five million pores, and skincare products can be easily absorbed into the bloodstream. That is why KiVi uses unique, all-natural formulas with the idea of nurturing, protecting, strengthening, and caring for the body.

KiVi products are created in small batches to preserve freshness and viability without the use of synthetics, artificial or chemical ingredients, and are never tested on animals. The result is a skincare product that delivers noticeable results in an all-natural, safe, and healthy way. KiVi Organics believes that what goes on the body is just as important as what goes in the body. KiVi strives to create nourishing remedies, vitalizing formulas, environment-friendly products, and ultimately, vitamins for the skin. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to create the most natural and pure product for you, your family and this planet. We would like to invite people to reflect on the choices they are capable of making and their priorities in life. A longer life, a better life. Live well.

Featured Ingredient: Organic Salt

saline Sicilia Italia

KiVi Organics sea salt is purchased in the Mediterranean from a small production facility. They provide organic and non-chemical processed crystal salt in the ancient artisan style of production: hand-raked and dried by the sun and warm African winds. Charged with natural energy, KiVi salt will offer you up to 94 minerals and trace elements. KiVi Salt is a biochemical food for your body.

Kivi Organics

Kirsten Santa founded KiVi Organics in 2011 and is dedicated to developing safe products to nourish your skin.

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