Did you know that your eyes reveal the real you? How you feel, how much sleep you’ve had or even your state of health and well being. The skin surrounding your eyes is thin and delicate so whether you worship the sun, enjoy outdoor living or are a workaholic this delicate skin will be the first to show the wear and tear you are putting on your body. We all want to preserve our youthful looks so understanding how to take care of your skin will give you a great advantage in achieving this.

Improve, repair and reverse fine lines, sagging skin and dark circles under and around your eyes.

The key to youthful skin is and always will be cell regeneration time. As you naturally age your body’s cell renewal cycle will begin to slow down. After the age of about 35, instead of the average 28 day cycle, it begins to run a cycle of 30 to 35 days, this includes the cells of the skin. This is why clean living, good nutritional habits, ample sleep and stress are so important. Your skin is an organ, thus drinking water and and receiving vitamins is vital to its preservation. KiVi Organics has created three specific products that intensely look after the thin and delicate skin surrounding your eyes. Our makeup remover, moisturizer and special Intensive Eye Wrinkle Serum for pronounced lines like crows feet will nourish and protect.  We use the perfect ingredients that look after the skin which reveals, “the window to your soul.”

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