Did you know that women ingest several pounds of lipstick over a life time? Did you also know that your lips do not have oil glands to keep them moist and lubricated. These are two very important factors to consider when thinking about how to achieve luscious looking lips.  

For many women lipsticks, glosses, and balms are number one above all other makeup essentials.  KiVi Organics creates lip-pampering balms that not only protect your lips but offer them nutrition in the process.  They can be worn alone or as a base to your favorite lipstick.  There are no chemicals, artificial fragrances or synthetics in any of our formulas.  Nothing harmful to your body!

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KiVi Nourishing Lip Protector

This lip balm has a natural SPF and keeps your lips moist all day. Great at bedtime too.

 Nourishing Lip Protector Mender

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