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The skin is nothing short of amazing.

Layers and structures within the skin provide a unique equation to the total overall excellent health of the body. The skin like any other organ in the body requires minerals and vitamins to thrive. KiVi Organics takes nutrition of the skin to the extreme by working with a unique botanical palette given by mother nature.

KiVi products contain only the highest quality of carrier base oils as close to their natural state as possible. This means no exposure to chemical processing or extreme heat that can alter or destroy the beneficial natural chemical properties of the oils.

In small artisan production, these carrier oils are infused over 18 hours with a variety of healing and beneficial herbs. They are then combined with unique synergistic blends of plant liquids and resins also known as botanical essential oils.

All KiVi lotions, creams, ointments, and elixirs are pure nutrition for the skin. No synthetics, artificial colorants or fragrances, unnatural preservatives or chemicals are ever in KiVi products!

A healthy younger-looking complexion requires a consistent and effective skin care program that is easy to use. This is KiVi.

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