Rejuvenation Mineral Masque Kit


This gentle, moisturizing masque purifies, tones and improves lymphatic flow while increasing blood circulation and healing skin tissue. Made with Rhassoul clay from the Atlas mountains of Morocco, this masque revitalizes and stimulates your skin and is perfect for post-plane travel.

When to Use

This clay masque is best used at the end of the day, or before bed, giving your skin a chance to regenerate overnight. Give yourself time to relax in this masque, and don’t go for makeup application afterward.

Rejuvenation Mineral Masque Kit Contains

Step 1. Moisturizing Cleansing milk

Step 2. Rejuvenation Mineral Masque

Step 3. After-Masque Hydrating Toning Pads

Step 4. Viso di Fiori Moisturizer

  • Description: Purify, tone and improve lymphatic flow, Rhassoul clay, seaweed powder, and aloe vera
  • Ingredients: Boswellia, Elderflower, Myrrh, Oenothera Biennis, Sambucus, Soya Oil, Aloe Vera juice, Althaea, Boswellia Carteri and Commiphora Myrrha, Cistus Ladanifer, Comfrey, Commiphora Myrrha, Daucus Carota, Echinacea, Essential Oils Santalum Album, Evening Primrose Oils, Frankincense, Ground Herbs of Calendula, Kaolin Clay, Marshmallow, mineral rich seaweed powder, Pelargonium Graveolens, Rhassoul Clay, Rose, Rose Hips, Rose Hips Seed Oil
  • Collection: Face
  • Skin Type: Mature
  • Product Type: Masque
  • Size: Mono dose 1 oz.
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Additional Information

Weight 16 oz