The Fantastic Four – KiVi’s Super Plant Power Facial Serums



  1. Viso di Fiori – Night Time Serum A Vitamin and nutrients face essential for healthy cellular reproduction, helps eliminate sun spots, helps blood circulation, and improves skin tone, while you sleep. 35oz.
  2. Rejuvenation Eye Serum – Made with the lightest carrier oils of grapeseed and Jojoba and super oils of African Marula & Carrot seed, Vitamin E, and a synergist pallet of essential oils helping tone and remove extrinsic wrinkles for the delicate skin surrounding the eyes. .35oz
  3. Amazing Botanical Wrinkle Remedy – Intense Wrinkle Remedy while you sleep. Herbal infusion of skin strengthening and cellular reparative properties combined with amazing essential oils with powerful cell regenerative properties. .35oz.
  4. Reishi Rose Hips C Serum – With antioxidant, brightening, and anti-aging properties within the Reishi mushroom, and the Beautifying Rose Hips seed oil that promotes cell renewal and skin repair, this botanical partnership supports collagen strength, contains amino acids that help your skin produce healthy, antimicrobial peptides. .35 oz.

A must for all!

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