Viso di Fiori Vitamin Cream Sample


Viso di Fiori – Italian translation: Face of Flowers

Our skin cells are in constant change as we age: dying, dividing and producing new cells. From youth to approximately 30 years of age this cycle is around 28 days, however, with passing time this process slows down to around 35 days + after the age of 35.  This means that aging or mature skin looks less youthful and duller, not to mention the collagen synthesis decrease that takes place leaving less tone and less fullness. 

Viso di Fiori moisturizer helps to improve your skin tone, cell regeneration, wrinkles and helps slow down the aging process.

Our unique method of infusing (6) cell regenerative herbs into (4) cold-pressed seed oils, which have a broad spectrum of healthy skin and body vitamins, is unlike any other facial moisturizer today. Viso also contains three super oils loaded with rich sources of fatty acids excellent for collagen synthesis and support. We then combine this already brilliant cream with a synergistic blend of essential oils which are in essence intensive plant power vitamins for the skin. These oils penetrate the skin and immediately provide high doses of proteins and antioxidants which increase fresh new cell growth. Because there are absolutely no synthetics, parabens, artificial fragrances or chemicals this cream will not tax your precious lymph node system.

In short, why would you use any other anti-aging day cream!

Viso di Fiori is the best natural and pure facial moisturizer that you can get, short of making your own cream.