The Philosophy

There’s a philosophy behind KiVi Organics. “What you put on your skin is as important as what you put in your body.” Studies indicate that approximately 60% of what you place on your skin is absorbed into your body and then circulates through your blood vessels, leading to the organs and tissue.  We like to think of our skin care products as “Vitamins for the Skin,” nutrition for the body. All of our natural formulas are unique, created with the idea of nurturing, protecting, strengthening, and caring for the body.


Natural ingredients have a purity and energy to them. We use only pure unadulterated ingredients in all of our skin care products. No chemicals, synthetics, artificial fragrance or color, and absolutely no unnatural additives or preservatives are ever used in our small artisan manufactured product batches. Staying away from artificial ingredients means treating the skin or health issues that can come from using traditional skin care products containing chemicals and synthetics.

Daily Use

After time, our skin begins to age and lose its tone and firmness. It can become dull and lifeless with age spots and wrinkles. With regular, daily use of KiVi products you will notice a significant improvement in your skin and more importantly, in how you look and feel about yourself.  At the core of our products are essential oils, derived from earth’s botanical garden and loaded with natural sources of vitamins, minerals and proteins. These amazing oils are food to the skin, aiding in blood circulation, cell rejuvenation, tissue tone and overall complexion health. Our products are superior because they are organic and natural.


At KiVi Organics we believe in a daily healthy lifestyle. Improving or adjusting your daily habits can make a noticeable difference in your overall health. Drinking lots of water, eating well, rest, exercise, meditation, friends, family, hobbies, gratitude and laughter are all part of a healthy and enjoyable lifestyle. Enjoy, love and respect your body.

Live well with KiVi Organics.

K. Santa, Founder

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