About KiVi Organics

Most people understand the importance of eating healthy natural foods, but need guidance about what goes on the body. The skin, the largest organ of the body, absorbs whatever it contacts Рgood or bad.  All of our natural formulas are unique, created with the idea of nurturing, protecting, strengthening and caring for the body. Utilizing an ancient artisan method and pure ingredients, KiVi Organics is manufactured in small batches to preserve freshness and viability. We do not believe in testing on animals and our line will never include synthetic, artificial or chemical ingredients.

Formulated in Italy, now manufactured in Marin County, CA, KiVi Organics brings a truly unique line of skin care that regenerates skin cells, aids circulation, strengthens and improves skin and minimizes wrinkles. KiVi has arrived with a natural, organic and safe way to have healthy, glowing, beautiful skin. We think of our skin care products as vitamins for the skin, nutrition for the body.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create the most natural and pure product for you, your family and this planet. We would like to invite people to reflect on the choices they are capable of making and their priorities in life. A longer life, a better life. Live well.

Featured Ingredient: Organic Salt

saline Sicilia Italia

KiVi Organics sea salt is purchased in the Mediterranean from a small production facility. They provide organic and non-chemical processed crystal salt in the ancient artisan style of production: hand-raked and dried by the sun and warm African winds. Charged with natural energy, KiVi salt will offer you up to 94 minerals and trace elements. KiVi Salt is a biochemical food for your body.

Kivi Organics

Kirsten Santa founded KiVi Organics in 2011 and is dedicated to developing safe products to nourish your skin.

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