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Nurturing and Revitalizing the Skin of the Emmy Nominees

The Winner is KiVi Organics

San Francisco CA – Healthy, glowing, beautiful skin. The entertainment industry certainly wants it and they are about to get a dose of “Vitamins for the Skin” thanks to Marin County-based KiVi Organics.  Nominees for this Sunday’s Emmy Awards such as Juliana Murguiles (The Good Wife), Tina Fey (30 Rock), Jon Hamm (Mad Men), and Hugh Laurie (House), will have the opportunity to nourish their skin with this new and exciting organic and herbal based product line. KiVi Organics has been invited to the Emmy’s to provide gifts for all of the nominees.

Most people understand the importance of eating healthy, natural foods, but need guidance about what goes on the body. The skin, the largest organ of the body, absorbs whatever it contacts- whether good or bad.  KiVi Organics, producing a full line of skincare for men and women, has created “Vitamins for the Skin” to protect and nourish. Utilizing an ancient artisan method and all-natural ingredients, Kivi Organics is manufactured in small batches to preserve freshness and viability.

Formulated in Italy, Kivi Organics brings a truly unique line of skincare that regenerates skin cells, aids circulation, strengthens and improves skin and minimizes wrinkles. You don’t have to travel to expensive European Spa’s or secretly swap the names of surgeons.  KiVi has arrived with a totally natural, organic, and safe way to have healthy, glowing, beautiful skin.  Available in specialty stores, spas, and online at

Thanks for viewing the photos of this fun event!  Live Well with KiVi Organics!

See You at the Oscars!