Clays have been used since the beginning of time by the Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans to detoxify the system, heal skin tissue wounds, relieve athletic aches and pains, and rejuvenate the skin.

KiVi utilizes French green clay for its ability to deep cleanse, Kaolin Clay for it’s gentle astringent qualities and Seaweed Powder, known as the super food of plants.

Our masques purify, tone, improve lymphatic flow, increase blood circulation, heal skin tissue and revitalize your skin. All created for unique skin types and offer unique benefits.

KiVi Organics has created three unique masques, one of them is naturally perfect for your skin type.

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Rejuvenation Mineral Masque

Wonderful for improving damaged, aging or mature skin. This is a gentle, moisturizing masque. It purifies, tones and improves lymphatic flow and increases blood circulation.

rejuvenation mineral mask

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Deep Pore Skin Cleansing Masque

Perfect for hypersensitive, acne prone, or oily skin.

Deep Pore Skin Cleansing Masque

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